Sunday, July 22, 2007

2nd Letter of Prof Dulay to GMP Core Group

Steve, Suzanne,Todd, Renato and Felix;

How are you. Its been a while.Suzanne and I had been communicating often. Let us congratulate Steve. His book is starting to get noticed. In fact, with Steve's permission, I will have it as one of my reference materials in my doctoral dissertation. I am taking doctorate in public administration right now at the University of the Philippines. My professors seem to like the idea that my dissertation will be about "formation of a global government' and "The Globalist Manifesto".This will be a great opportunity for me to really study, in an academic discipline, our Core Group's advocacy. Our Core Group will really become the worldwide authority in the topic of "formation of a global government" with this dissertation plus your other writings and efforts.

I could see that all of us are progressing individually. We want to hear regular updates from each other. If you want, I created a joint blog for all of us. It is found in:

You can write comments on your own portion of this blog, as a way of your update. You can write comments on the others portion also. You can comment anonymously too.

By the way, this blog belongs to all of us, as the core group of the party.

This blog has been making waves in the Internet search engines. In google alone, this blog is #6 among 3.2 million entries in the topic of "formation of a global government"; #17 among 19,100,000 entries in the topic "formation of a world government", and #8 in the topic "globalist manifesto" among 40,400 entries.

So, our party is really that popular now. If we sustain this for the next ten years, we will all be recognized someday as the founding fathers of the global government. Steve, somebody emailed me suggesting that we join a certain coalition of global government advocates. Are you aware of such a group?

Anyway, please reply with this letter by way of writing comments to your portion of the blog. Thanks.

Please extend my regards to your family.