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Well Known Global Artists

Suzanne Else Baumann
Swiss artist, author

Suzanne Else Baumann born in Zürich 02.04.1942, as the third of four children, two older sisters and one younger brother, of the Swiss silk merchant Frierich Baumann and the artist Else Lily Hansen from Hellerup, Denmark. Her Childhood is spent with her family in Kilchberg at the Zurich lake.

1958-1963 Studies of Art in the Regional College of Art, Manchester, Royal College of Art London, the Royal Danisch Academy of Art in Copenhageen (Prof. Egill Jacobsen, member of the group Cobra) and the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich .
1963-1971 study-tours through Europe, residence at the Swiss Institute in Rome and periodical assistance to the artist Meret Oppenheim

Since 1969 she lives and works in an 200 year old farmhouse near Berne, that she restored over the years to a light-filled home with living space for human, animals and plants. She has been exposing her artworks in different Museums allover Europe and other countries.

1970 Foundation of the agency for design and advertising of International Medical Enterprices and Companies, production of scientific drawings for University Institutes.

Start of a systematic and wide collection accompanied by intensive research in different fields of natural science, ethnology and cultural history, aswell of contemporary art of the World. She is engaged with the research on „entirety“ and the structures of life and developes her aknowledges which she calls „synoptic research or universal thinking“ and as a method chooses the motion „Synopsism“to a new aesthetics , art- direction and way of life. In this period Suzanne E. Baumann travels to Africa, Turky, North and South America, India, Libanon and Israel. She extends her fields of activity in music.

1985 Establishment of the agency „ISIS VOICE“ . Under this label she organizes concerts with famous and authentic artists such as: James Brown, Ray Charles , Nina Simone and Solomon Burke.

Publishing of her first short stories with images „Macht und Geheimnis“ („Powerand Secrets“) with a preface by the singer and pianiste Dr. Nina Simone.
1989-2002 several exhibitions , public lectures about „the requrement of entirety“

In the early 80’s, she started to realize the concept of „The Small World Exhibition“

1995, first visit and travel tour through Belarus with her artworks . After this, she travels regularly to the east and Belarus, has organized several exchange exhibitions Switzerland-Berlarus

Suzanne E. Baumann initiated the very first exhibition with original artworks from Marc Chagall in his homeland Belarus.
In this context and as a summary of „The Small World Exhibition“,the three life forces and her synoptic way of thinking the project :NATURE-HUMAN-CULTURE including -„The Tower of Synopsis and Love“© (Energy-Tower), -„Garden of Worlds“© and „Worldmuseum“ was developed.

1997, presentation of the projects for the first time to the public, in Chagall’s Birthtown Vitebsk in the range of the „Internatonal Symposium of Fine Art, named after Marc Chagall“ (the project received an award from an international jury.
1998, in the occasion of the 120-year aniversary celeberaion of Kazimir Malevich in Vitebsk, the architectural model of the „Tower project“ was presented and“ the manifest on synopsism“ by S.E, Baumann was recited in Russian translation by the belaroussian artist Wasily Wasilyev.
Presentation of the model and project in Moscow
Presentation of a programme for lectures on synopsism (Synopsismus)

The Small World Exhibition
Work in progress, based on and permeated by three life forces:
Lively thoughts
Clear sensibility
Unconditional action in the creative process

„The Small World Exhibition“ is a pretentious arrangement of works of art. This lifework of the artist and researcher Suzanne Else Baumann has grown over 20 years and comprises 185 works of art to the present day. Installations, sculptures, objects, paintings and findings from nature and science. The remarable work crosses the borders in every sense and can not be associatd with any trend of actual art-scenes. In convincing manner, this exhibition shows the independent will of reseaech,universal horizon of thinking as well as the creative talent and virtuosity of the artist.

„The Small World Exhibition“ is of highest actuality, because the economic-cultural situation is reflected in an artistic-poetical research. In the shape and interaction of circle and globe, the tension between human and nature is expressed through a pictorial vocabulary,taken from natural sciences, ecology,technology and mythology.
Proceeding enciclopedically within five themes,the artist gains new knowledge appearing through assotiative and innovative transformation in her two-or-three-dimenional work ofart. Thus an exciting richness of artistic expression leads from work to work and besids critical inventory,even suggerts promesing solutions for the future. As the exhibition can be ‚read’ in different ways,it my grasp the attention of different poeple. The differencisted art-connoisseur as well as the one interested in research,the curious youth as well as poeple with a clear claim for aesthetic transformation and last but not least,children. Suzanne Baumann shows,there is still an other way of looking at the world,adifferent way of existing and quite a different way of expressing the strength of beauty and ideas. The work is an appeal to trust,besides technology and progress,to sensivity,culture and myth as life-forces and to look upon our living planet with warmth and consiousness.

Destinations :
Display-Gallery Tony Gerber, Berne
Institute for Modern Art, Nürnberg
Invitation of the Chinese External Culture Exchange Assotiation, in the range of the UN-Global Conference on Women in Beijing
Global Environment-Technology Fair „NEW EARTH“, Osaka
Symposium on Fine Arts , named after Marc Chagall, Vitebsk (reproductions together with the „Energy-Tower“(„tower of synopsis and love“)and „Garden of Worlds“-project.
State Russian Museum, Ludwigmuseum in the Russian Museum (Marble Palace) together with the Tower –project.
National Museum of History and Culture, Minsk (with the Tower and Worldmuseum –project)
Chagall Museum, Vitebsk (towards the garden of worlds, Step 1 ) together with the invited , participating artists
Local Museum for History and Culture (City Hall), Vitebsk (toward the garden of worlds , Step 2) together with the participating artists.
Invitation of the Confederation of Internaional Artists Unions in the centrale house of artists, Moscow (with the Tower, and Worldmuseum-project)

„The Small World Exhibition“ received the patronage of the Director General of UNESCO, Paris (Mr. M.F. Mayor)
Award by an International Jury in the range of the Symposium on Fine Arts,named after Marc Chagall, Minsk (for the entire concept)
Extention of the UNESCO-patronage for a „World Peace Tour“ together with
Pianiste and singer Nina Simone.

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