Sunday, April 29, 2007

ACP/RD's Manifesto

ACP/RD's manifesto (short version)
1) Braking of the taboo on the S.I.S.U.L. (Sinners' Intercontinental Secret Unspoken Language [the ACP/RD's NEW-saints, will >redefine< what sin is!!]), forming the ACP/RD's Worlds' Government (already including Venus & Mars) of the P.R.G. (People's Republic of the Globes), and taking control of the worlds' armies & police forces (secret services included, which won't be secret, anymore, of course!! True glasnost!!) True freedom and worlds' peace, at last!!
2) Total loving and caring reciprocal control through web-(grid, or whatever will follow)cams: no more crime and protection of the little children from being forced into something they don't want!! (If they want it, then ok, but it's them the ones who will choose, there will be no forcing, anymore! ......Privacy never existed, anyway! [The only allowed {physically-} 'private' thing {visual-control allowed, of course!...}, will be the couples' intimate contacts...... {purity and faithfulness will be promoted!!!}]) Free basic health-foods, free basic clothing, free basic shelter, free communication & transportation, and free education!! New monetary system of non-saveable points, against unsocial piling up of money or goods!! 4000 points/month for every single person on the globes (no matter how much responsability is being carried from an individual: be the president of the ACP/RD' Global Government, or someone with minimal responsabilities; true equality of income: true social justice!!), from conception until leaving of the physical dimension (what remains at the end of the month, will automatically return to the global bank); at first for 4 hrs/day (for study and work), for 4 days/week, and 4 months/year of payed vacations, and equal (non-mandatory) pension at age 40; this until the robots will work for us; then our job will consist of being good citizen of the universe!! We'll all be registered users (no private property!), and that means: everything will belong to everybody, including all goods on the planets!! We'll be all rich beyond our dreams!!
3) We're all going to eat NEW kosher or TRUE karma-free!! Thanks to the matter copy-machines (kept secret by the previous criminal capital-imperialistic system), we're all able to nourish ourselves without violence!! (No more slaughter-houses, no plants-killings!! We'll have a full new relation with all creatures, and with nature in its whole!! [No more polluting and oxigen-burning internal-combustion engines, factories and energy-producing plants!! It's us who need the oxigen, to breathe!]) No more illnesses thanks to the medical de- and reintegrating cabins (kept secret by the previous murderous capital-imperialistic system!) Planetary travel at the speed of photons, travel to the Moon's bases at tachyons' speed, and to Venus & Mars, at mnemons' speed, thanks to the travel cabins!! (Kept secret by the former satanic capital-imperialistic system!)
4) Thanks to the always higher purity levels of the new generations, the global population will be able to see (individually), in a very special Dream (REVELATION) our BIG LADY-COMRAD IN HEAVEN, our

*H*E*A*V*E*N*L*Y* *M*O*T*H*E*R*, *T*H*E*

*_S_*_U_*_P_*_R_*_E_*_M_*_E_* *_E_*_N_*_T_*_I_*_T_*_Y_*

*W*H*O*'S* *B*O*U*N*D*L*E*S*S* *L*I*G*H*T* *O*F* *L*O*V*E*; *T*H*E* *O*N*E* *W*H*O* *C*R*E*A*T*E*D* *T*H*E* *E*X*I*S*T*I*N*G*!!!!!!!!!!

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