Friday, March 2, 2007

Letter of Prof. Dulay to The Core Group

February 24, 2007

For: Steve McIntosh, Renato Naso, Suzanne Baumann, Ruben Mendez, Todd Scott and Rodrigo Felix Moreno

Re: The Core Group

Good day to everyone and to your families. Maybe you have been noticing that the vision stated in The Globalist Manifesto and some of our collective ideas are getting nice reviews for four years now in the Yahoo, Google and Alta Vista search engines under several topics like “formation of a global government”, “world government”, “one world government”, “conspiracy” and “world peace”. Lots of blogs and websites are coming out reacting to the manifesto. Please see the links portion in

Let us consider this as our collective achievement as a core group or team. Congrats to all of us.

Maybe some of you are surprise of this phenomenon and more surprise about this letter. But Steve and I are regularly talking about this. In fact, I am reading the book written by Steve. Ruben and I are also exchanging notes and he has a lot of suggestions. He is the youngest among us. Suzanne’s art activism is also a global phenomenon. So, with Renato’s historical link with the earlier attempts for global government. Todd is a budding scholar and very young also. Rodrigo has the latino temperament which is an asset in our core group.

We must be practical and well grounded when we talk among each other. We don’t have to impress each other that much. Let us capitalize on the fact that we seem to be in the mainstream of an upheaval towards the formation of a global government. And we seem to be enjoying the alliance of the worldwide web community. Let us also expect that more world leaders will be joining our core group slow by slow as we are going into the mainstream of this upheaval. Let us be ready to welcome them.

What is therefore practical and doable at this point is for our core group to present itself as a “solid human face” for this snowballing crusade for the formation of a global government. History of human civilization will tell us that a “solid and united group working for one direction” creates a “magnetic wave:” that attracts other world leaders. Let this core group therefore be the "magnetic core of this crusade" that will create mass followings from other world leaders towards our mainstream direction.

Among us, let us interact in the level of brotherhood and cordiality. Let us make it a habit to say hi and sweet nothings among us. We need to regularly reassure each other and let our loving spirit within the core group be the source of our individual strength in facing the reality of this confused world in our lonely journey to the mainstream path towards this historical global future.

As a doable step, my staff created an egroup where we can communicate with each other. Its found in GMParty website stated earlier. Please sign up there.

Your ordinary brother in the global government crusade.

With all humility.

Prof. Toti Dulay
The Globalist Manifesto

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