Friday, March 2, 2007

Letter of Core Group Steve McIntosh to Prof Dulay

Dear Toti,

Thanks for your email. I was pleased to see your manifesto prominently linked from the article on world government on Wikipedia. I think that Wikipedia offers many excellent opportunities to assert the vision of the globalist manifesto.Soon I will be upgrading my global governance petition website [] to give it a more professional look.

Moreover, in connection with the upcoming publication of my book, Integral Consciousness, I will be conducting a publicity campaign that seeks to bring more attention to the initiative for global governance. And as I complete the upgrade of my website, I will add a link to your site: Also, if you have a chance, I would appreciate it if you would add a link to my petition website from your site.

My hope is that as your internet presence expands you will be able to connect with others on the internet who are also working to raise awareness about the vision of limited democratic federal world government. I know there are many groups out there who might be a good addition to the "core group."

It would also be effective to connect your work with some of the best books about world government. For example, have you read the book called: World Federation?, by Ronald Glossop? This is one of the most important books in this area and well worth your attention.Please keep me informed of your progress, and will do the same on my end.Best regards to you and your family.


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