Friday, March 2, 2007

Globalist Manifesto Party

The Time is now
With nearly four years of dominance of the The Globalist Manifesto in the worldwide web, landing consistently in top five of the leading search engines like Yahoo Search and Alta Vista Search in the topic of “formation of global government” over around 5 million websites; with the Google Search placing it once in a while in the top 5 over around 35 million websites; with the Wikipedia community citing The Globalist Manifesto in leading Google - rated articles on World Government, World Peace and New World Order, we feel that it is now time to go to the Second Stage in The Globalist Manifesto: Formation of the critical mass of global advocates from every corner of the world.This stage requires the formation of a political party of global advocates, which gives birth to the Globalist Manifesto Party.
Passive Members
People in the different corners of the world who agrees with The Globalist Manifesto but for one reason or another are not able to participate in an organized advocacy campaign. They are estimated to be around 1 million worldwide.
Active Members
People all over the world who agree with The Globalist Manifesto, are actively participating in a group of people whose world outlook are similar and want to do positive actions for their beliefs.
Party Officers
Groups of The Globalist Manifesto believers who decided to do certain mission, activity or actions to propagate or popularize the manifesto, and/or strengthen, support and sustain the Globalist Manifesto. Party officers are required to show the value of teamwork and team loyalty.
Supporters and Financiers
Special kinds of The Globalist Manifesto believers that are knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly, openly or secretly, provide support to the Globalist Manifesto Party.
The Target of the Party
As written in the celebrated book of lawyer Steve McIntosh entitled “Integral Consciousness and the Future of the World”, whose one prepublication and signed copy was available in the Globalist Manifesto Party office, world government will be formed as soon as 10% of the world population has meeting of the mind about it. It can happen within 50 years starting year 2003. The Globalist Manifesto Party adopted this as a working target.
Globalism is the Ideology of the Believers of The Globalist Manifesto
The Globalist Manifesto gave birth to the Globalism ideology the way the Communist Manifestohad given birth to Communism as an ideology. Globalism also includes the writings and ideas of Steve McIntosh, Prof.Dulay, Ruben E.Mendez, Renato Naso, Todd Scott and other thinkers and activists who relates with The Globalist Manifesto.

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