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The reigning Fernando Family of Marikina Valley taking their oath with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: present Mayor Marides Fernando, future Mayor Tala Fernando and past Mayor Bayani Fernando. One of the ardent believers of the Fernando Family is Prof. Toti Dulay, a director of AIM Alumni Association who is a doctor of public administration candidate of UP Diliman. Dulay has been offered a consultancy position by Mayor Fernando.


Rank /Families /Years of Rule

1st De Guzman (Osmundo) 26
2nd Fernando (Gil, Bayani, Marides) 21
3rd De la Paz (Enrique, Wenceslao) 10
4th Chanyungco (Juan) 9
5th Cruz (Catalino) 6
6th Mendoza (Isabelo, Eugenio) 5
Gomez (Vicente) 5
7th Valentino (Rodolfo) 4
8th Villalon (Jesus) 2
9th Santos (Teofisto) 1
Dancel (Pablo) 1
Victorino (Domingo) 1
Legaspi ( Ceferino) 1

Note: Plus 3 years of present Mayor Marides Fernando, up to 2010, are not yet enough for the Fernandos to overtake the De Guzmans in the number of years of rule in Marikina Valley.
The First Ever Election in the Philippines Islands Was Held In Marikina Valley
Doctoral professor Popoy De Vera lll of UP NCPAG said that during the Spanish era, elections were never held because positions can be acquired by purchase or royal appointment. History will also show that during the time of Lakan Dula, there were also no elections, because leadership of native settlements like that in Jesus de la Pena, Marikina, was given to blood descendants of Lakan Dula. But Dr. Serafin Quiason, National Historical Institute Board Member and former Chair, said that when the British invaded Manila, they conducted elections for gobernadorcillo and the first election they conducted was through viva voce held in Marikina. This could probably explains the fact that Marikinos are politically matured and are advocates of "urbanidad". Was it coincidence that Marikina is one of the important hacienda of the Spaniards owned by the family of the husband of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? Gloria now resides in a land that used to belong to Marikina the way Ateneo and UP are occupying lands that used to belong to Marikina.Was it a coincidence that nearby Marikina, in Cainta, the Sepoys, or the Indians in the British Army who desserted their post, finally settled. Today, while Marikenos are white skinned, their neighbors next town, Cainta, have the color and nice noses of the Hindus. Marikina Valley is turning out to be a nice hotbed of history... from a sttlement of Lakan Dula descendants who escaped Spanish procecutions of the native aristocracy, to the place of first ever election in the country, to the capital of the Province of Manila during the Philippine Revolution, courtesy of governor Ambrosio Flores.(Incidentally, the mother of MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando is a Flores.) Today, Marikina could be the birthplace of a modern patriotic movement that could bring this country into a lasting greatness.
Remember this dinner meeting....this could be it: the "dinner among close friends" where the pronouncement of the former NHI chair about the first ever election in the Philippines happened was in the residence of MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando in Monte Vista, Marikina, a day before the fiesta of San Roque, the seat of "Marikina Cathedral" and the historical poblacion of the valley. Among those in that dinner is Mayor Marides Fernando, 3rd termer Rep. Del De Guzman of the 2nd congressional district, AIM Alumni Association Director Toti Dulay also from the 2nd congressional district, Ateneo School of Governance Associate Dean Dennis Gonzalez, City Administrator Melvin Cruz, BF Corporation Executive Tala Fernando, former Marikina ABC President Ben Cruz, Ateneo Program Manager for Executive Education Aurma Manlangit, Prof. Manny Yap of Philippine Patriotic Movement, and several close personal friends of the city mayor which include Nadeia Sarte and Carmelita Lorenzo.
In that dinner, Prof. Yap offered the leadership of the Philippine Patriotic Movement to Chairman Bayani Fernando. The Ateneo School of Governance presented a paper for the Kabayani Party.
The future of Marikina, of Metro Manila and of the Phillipines seem to have been hatched in this memorable dinner. Most great civilizations in the world started in cradle just like what Marikina seem to be evolving today as it slowly discovering its historic significance.
The Marikina Valley Cathedral

DURING the pre Hispanic era, Marikina Valley was part of the Kingdom of Lakan Dula based in Tondo, Manila.
After the proclamation of Philippine Independence in 1898, Don Ambrosio Flores, governor of the province of Manila, chose the town of Marikina as its capital.
In 1901, Marikina was included in the newly created province called Rizal.
Marikina became part of the Metropolitan Manila area in 1975, when the Metro Manila Commission was created under Presidential Decree No. 824.
In November 1996, Republic Act 8223 converted the municipality into a highly urbanized city.
October 2005, a canonical coronation to Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA), the Patroness of Marikina was done through a papal proclamation. The same day, Sofronio Dulay II, the 6th generation and next leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley was inducted into the Knights of the Altar of the OLA Parish Church.
May 2007, The Patroness of Marikina, through a procession, was brought to the residence of Sofronio Dulay I, the 5th generation and present head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley located at #3 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina, few houses away from the OLA Parish Church. For one day and one night, the Patroness of Marikina Valley blessed the clan with her presence. The clan members did a series of novena for the miraculous Patroness culminating with a mass officiated by Monsignor Mariano Balbago. A dinner of waknatoy (native Marikina dish), maja blanca, fruit juices, ampalaya con carne, sweet and sour lapu lapu, litson manok, liempo, apples, mango, banana , Chinese peanuts and coca cola where served to around 200 mass attendees. After the dinner, procession brought the Patroness to the San Roque Chapel and the next day it was brought back to the OLA Parish Church for the re enthronement ceremony.
In a dinner hosted by the 5th generation and present head of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley in his residence on May 2, 2007, the Dulay Clan Leader, Mayor Marides Fernando, Msgr. Balbago, Congressman Marcy Teodoro and Metropolitan Development Authority Chairman and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Cabinet Member Bayani Fernando talked about the papal petition to make the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church a Cathedral.
The emergence of Marikina Valley Cathedral and the rise of Marikina natives Marides and Bayani Fernando to national leadership will be blessed by Nuestra Senora De Los Desamparados, the Patroness of Marikina Valley.
Cyril L. Bonabente, Inquirer Research, Published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Marikina News

Marikina News,"Ang Dyaryo ng Marikina", was founded in 1989, is the longest-running local newspaper in Marikina Valley. It was founded to abolish "Marikina Apartheid" and promote equal political opportunities to all residents of the city. It was founded and is owned by the CDM Foundation,Inc. dominated by the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley . The clan is led by six generations of traditional leadership and uninterrupted reign of the eldest sons and leadership successors of the leader of the clan, starting from Petre Dulay, Doroteo Dulay, Eldidio Dulay, Ceferino Dulay, Sofronio Dulay l and Sofronio Dulay ll. Five Chairmen has led the paper: Dr. Jimmy Trinidad who died in office; Judge Ricardo Diaz; Atty.Cesar Turiano who became Grand Knight anf Faithful Navigator of the Knights of Columbus; Dr. Fabian Cadiz who was elected Number One Councilor of Marikina City and Romeo Balasta of MSAT Btach 78 who migrated to Illinois. The paper declared its victory over "Marikina Apartheid" when Marides Carlos of Bulacan ancestry was elected Mayor of Marikina, Del de Guzman who is residing nearby Taytay town, in Rizal Province, was elected Congressman of Marikina and; Dr. Fabian Cadiz and Councilor Donn Favis, who are of Bicolano and Ilocano ancestry respectively, were elected Number One councilors of their respective districts. Former Mayor Bayani Fernando himself was born in the nearby town of San Juan. With that resounding victory against "Marikina Apartheid", Marikina News decided to shift into the internet and face the global audience, but promised the city that it will resume circulation should there be dominant forces backsliding to "Marikina Apartheid" again. In the global audience, it is advocating for The Globalist Manifesto, the blueprint for the formation of a global government. Marikina News is now being managed in the web by the Angel Websites.

Marikina Kenworth

The Kenworth Basketball Team of San Roque, Marikina City, Philippines was born in 1976. The homecourt of the team is in Isabelo Mendoza St. formerly known as Callejon and was formerly part of Sta. Elena. Walking along the old, short and narrow street of I. Mendoza, you will pass through the Shoe Museum, Teatro Marikina, the ancestral house of the Dulay Clan, the office of the Hacienda Tuazon, the nearby Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados Church, the nearby Kapitan Moy residence, the old ice plant, the old gas station, the heart clinic of the Dy family, the office of the war veterans which was used to the old municipio, the Butiki park and the Women’s park. The street aside from being known as Callejon is also known as “Daang Kalabaw” because in the olden days, farming carabaos pass there on their way to the river. The street is the subject of a territorial dispute between Marikina’s capital Sta. Elena and a politically strong barrio, San Roque. It is one of the most historical streets in Marikina with lots of love stories and legends. It starts from an old railroad track known locally as Daang Bakal, to the river and extends to the original settlement of Lakan Dula descendant right at the opposite bank of the river known as the “ibayo” where the oldest church of Marikina is found, passing through the old Spanish municipio, and the old Spanish jail.The street has only few houses because it has more historical landmarks on it than residential houses. Among the residents of the street are the Guevara, Mendoza, De Guzman, Dulay, Gomez, Javier, Dee, Fulgencio, Flores, Eugenio, Bautista, Ocampo, Nepomuceno and Salud.Among the legends popular in the street is the “Kapre” in an old acacia tree beside the old Spanish jail, the Love Story of Ariel and Joan, and the Japanese gold buried secretly under one of the old houses leading to the river.The Kenworth Basketball Team was named after an old dilapidated Kenworth truck abandoned at the back of Spanish jail during the American era. The jail was later converted into rice granary, much later, ice plant and presently, the Shoe Museum. A basketball court stands near the truck and it served as the home court of the Kenworth Basketball Team. When the court was demolished by the municipal government, the team starts to practice in the compound of the Dulay Ancestral house or in the court found in the church yard.Everyone who grew up in I.Mendoza street have been involved in one way or another with the Kenworth Basketball Team, either as players, muse, cheer members, spectators or supporters.The golden year of the Kenworth Basketball Team was in 2005 when they almost won the championship in a barrio league had it not for a controversial shot of Batang M.Roxas. Kenworth, aside from the runner up finished, won the best coach, best muse, and best uniform. Their crowd prepared video recordings of the game, dance numbers, flags, banners, cheer numbers, they have a dance party, videokee sessions, pustahan and glitters… appearing as more victorious than the champion.The Kenworth Basketball Team was managed by Atong Eugenio and later by the Dulay family. During Christmas, the team does street dancing with former team members and former residents of the street as visitors.Its coaches were Danny Justo, a city hall employee and Junie Basco, a businessman. Its muses were Beng Penaflor, Julie Eugenio and the “mysterious pretty visitor” from the province.
Sinulat ni Rodolfo S. dela Paz
Taga Marikina
Ipinanganak sa Marikina, taal na taga Marikina, tubong Marikina, nakatira sa Marikina. Kahit saan man naroroon maging sa abroad, hindi nalilimutan ang Marikina, nasa puso ang Marikina.Taga Marikina-maputi, makinis at medyo singkit ang mata, pustura, maporma, mapagbiro, masayahin,mabulaklak ang dila. Sa madaling salita,mapagmura, bukang bibig mo, "Putang 'na mo!". Taga Marikina: mahilig kumain, mamasyal, magpiknik,magbasketball, makipagkuwentuhan. Sabi nga:"Mawalan na ng isang kalabaw, huwag lang ng isang huntahan".
hindi mo ba napansin? description ko yan..tignan mo pa ang larawan ko hehehe.. hindi nga lang ako maporma at mapustura. OO mabulaklak din ang dila ko, pero mejo nabawasan ko na hehehehe..Huntahan yan ang di mawawala sa akin.. sa amin??Kung taga Marikina ka, mahilig kang kumain ng pansit, goto at tokwa. Kapag umuulan o araw ng Biyernes, ang ulam mo, munggo at kung Linggo,nilagang manok. Kung taga Marikina ka ang tawag mo sa matamis na sawsawan ng lumpia ay maalat. Kung taga Marikina ka, mahilig kang magsugal; tumataya sa lotto, karera, nagsasabong, nagpupusoy,tong-its, bingo, monte, sakla, ending at siyempre pa, jueteng.
OO mahilig ako sa pansit..minsan may pumuna sa akin..ngayon lang daw siya nakakita ng inuulam ang pansit..oo mahilig ako sa tokwa't baboy.. lalo na sa tokwa .. heheh pupunta pa ako sa palengke upang bumili ng tokwa .. un ang agahan ko noon..At syempre pa.. ang MAALAT.. oo maalat nga ang tawag namin sa matamis na sarsa ng lumpia.. at ang pinakamagaling magluto nito .. si LOLA ANING.. Sugal?? hindi ako gaanong mahilig sa sugal..mahilig ako manood ng nagsusugal.. nagpupusoy ako paminsan minsan.. Holy Week usually.. kalaro mga kaibigan ko sa I.Mendoza , ang pinaka masayang kalye sa poblacion (Kenworth kung tawagin).. at ang pustahan pahiran ng uling sa mukha.. kaya uuwi kaming parang atiatihan.. kung walang uling isang malaking BASO ng tubig ang iinumin pag di mawawala ang jueteng.. kapag trip ko tataya ako .. lalo na kung may okasyon.. aalagaan ko talag aang numero.. di ko lang mapaliwanag kumbakit lumalabas ang numero.. at syempre pa tatama ako .. INUMAN NA...Taga Marikina ka kung marunong kang gumawa ngsapatos pero lagging nakatsinelas, nakabihis nangmaganda kahit walang pera. Taga Marikina ka kung ang bati mo sa kakilala o kaibigan ay hindi "Hi" o"Hello" kundi "Saan ka galing?" o "Saan kapupunta?" Taga Marikina ka kaya nag-aral ka sa Roosevelt o sa MSAT. Kung nag-aral ka sa Marikina,alam mo ang Central, annex No. 1 at annex No. 2.Love mo si "Little Ana", si Miss Mendoza. Kilalamo si Mrs. Mesina, si Miss Victorino at Mrs.Zamora. Kilala mo rin si Mr. Trinidad, Mr.Santos, Miss del Rosario, Mrs. Chanyungco at si Maestrong Porong.
Di ako marunong gumawa ng sapatos..pero nakapag trabaho ako sa sapatusan.. naglilinis ako noon.. finishing yata tawag doon.. hehehe.Noon akala ko natural na batian ung "Saan ka punta?" at "Saan ka galing" dami nakakapansin sa akin..bakit kung babati ako un ang lagi nila naririnig? Noon ngang nagkita kami noong kaklase ko noong high school.. naka bisikleta ako at naka sasakyan siya.. ang sabay naming tanong "saan ka punta?"Nag aral ako sa MARIST.. exclusibong paaralan para sa mga lalaki.. nagpapasalamat ako sa mga natutunan ko doon.. maraming salamat po.. ngunit di ako masaya doon .. sa tuwing may kwentuhan sa amin ng mga barkada, kakilala o ng mga nakakatanda.. lagi nababanggit Roosevelt or MSAT.. hay .. bakit nga ba hindi ako napasok dito? E di sana nasasama ako sa mga Alumni homecoming.. hehehe pero as bandang huli.. salamat sa mga magulang ko ;)Ung mga pangalan sa itaas.. nakikilala ko sila.. sa kwento nina mama at papa.. pati mga tito at tita.. lalo na kapag kasama mga kaibigan nila.. reminiscing kumbaga...Taga Marikina ka kung alam mo ang ibig sabihin ng"naghalo ang balat sa tinalupan, "sagot sa huli",lamuan, salang bayan, salamyaan, anunciata, zebra,ampay kaban, hiwas, ditchoy, bankilya.
Oo pamilyar ang mga katagang ito.. at may mas hihigit pa ba sa ANUNCIATA? Sa mga hindi nakakaalam.. sana tama ipapaliwanag ko .. ito ung maliit na birhen nanakalagay sa isang lalagyan.. ito ay madalas dinadasalan sa pabasa kina LOLA ANING.. dito ko siya nakilala.. bata pa kami andoon na siya.. ngayon wala na si Lola Aning .. andoon pa rin siya.. hinahalikan ang birhen na ito.. may salamin ang lalagyan niya.. doon humahalik ang mga tao.. pagkatapos halikan ay papahirannila ng bulak na may kulay green na kung ano man iyon.. tapos ibibigay ang kapiraso sa humalik.. ok noh? tignan mo wallet ko .. may bulak ko niyan .. pinapalitan ko kada taon.. ahhh.. mas mabuti kayang idagdag dito na.. Taga Marikina ka kung alam mo ang PABASA ni Lola Aning.. ang tawag dito ay PIGING.. marunong ka ng mga tono ng pabasa dito sa Marikina.. nakikita mo ung mga naglalakihang talyase sa kalsada.. doon niluluto ung pansit, kanin at matapos ang pabasa maririnig mo ang pamamaalam niya.. pasasalamat...Taga Marikina ka kung nakapanood ka sa Cine Bayan,Lion, Mari at Valley, kaya alam mo ang palko,kabit at ala-berde. Naghawak ka ba ng kateplak?Umahon ka ba sa Antipolo? Sumakay ka ba saMarikina Valley? Sa NGI? sa Happy Valley? saMarikina Bus? Kumain ka ba kay Aling Petra? KayDoro? kay Justina? sa La Pacita? kay Tabio? kayLim? kay Victory? kay Luyong? kay Salud? kay Jesus?
Lion, Mari at Valley.. paano ko naman hindi malalaman ito dahil anlapit lapit lamang sa amin niyan.. noong mejo nagkaisip na ako ang mga palabas diyan puro bold na hehehe.. kapag pupunta nga akong Santolan maririnig mo ang palabas sa Lion..kasi doon lang sa likod nito ang sakayan ng jeep patungong Santolan..Ala-berde.. heheh yan ang inaantay ng bawat Marikeño.. ito kasi ung last order.. ibibigay na sa iyo lahat hehehe.. sa ordinary price.. or libre na ito .. sarap!!Kateplak? hindi ako humawak niyan..nahihiya ako hehehe.. yan ung pinapatunog nila sa harap ng prusisyon, sagala or ano man..Mga kainan sa Marikina.. andami nito.. at ansasarap.. hanggang ngayon bumibili pa rin kami.. lalo na kung may inuman.. tara bili tayo ng gising gising.. hehehe at matapos naman uminom.. tara bili tayo ng pansit at pandesal .. yum yumNaligo ka ba sa ilog? nagnakaw ng singkamas sa tumana? nanuro, naglaro sa baha? namalaka,naglimas, nagmaya? nagsalon sa Riverview, saRolando's, sa Holiday, sa Champion, sa Sky View,sa Frolic, o nag-outing sa Balara at VillaLolita? Kung hindi mo alam ito o hindi mo ito naranasan, baka hindi ka taga Marikina.
Hindi pa ako nakakaligo sa ilog.. maski na tabi lang ng bahay namin ito hehehe.. maarte ako eh ..pero mga kabarkada ko nakaligo na dyan.. ako lang talaga ang hindi.. naglaro sa baha pwede pa.. kaya lang.. wala ng baha ngayon dito sa Marikina.. kawawang mga bata.. hindi ninyo mararanasan un hehehe Outing? di ko alam kung saan kami nagpupunta noon.. pero may mga picture ako hehehe.. meron pa ngang outing kami na reunion yata ng mga kamag anak ni Lola Bitang.. minsan scan ko at ipapakita sa inyo..Sky View..Square Hole.. naku!! sarado na yan .. hehehe. Sayang, di nyo inabot yung "killing fields" sa Square Hole.Taga Marikina ka kapag alam mo kung saan ang Daang Bakal, dairy, oval, patindig-araw, balubad,lambak, tayug, olandes, Ilaya, Ibayo, halang atChorillo. Taga Marikina ka kung kilala mo ang angkan ng adobo, bangus, kamatis, ibon,kalambyang, bibe, puto, kalabaw, paminta, kulubot,daga at iba. Kilala mo ba ang pinakamagaling kumanta ng Pitong Gatang sa Marikina? Si Ato...taga I.Mendoza.
Kabataan ko naguguluhan ako sa mga lugar na yan.. Daang bakal.. daang pasig.. alangya lahat naman dito daanan db?Ang mga angkan? may mas dadami pa ba sa angkan ng NEPOMUCENO? heheh antayin ninyo .. may gagawin ako para sa inyo. Hoy bistado ko na kayo, pati si Lenlen Dulay ay sumasama sa Nepomuceno tuwing angkan angkan...kaya pala ang dami nyo ;)Kung taga Marikina ka, siyempre kilala mo si Alo,si Herman, si Terry, si Ador Langis, si Anita at si Eleng-Eleng, gayundin sina Eliong Taba o siEmiliong laki. Kung hindi mo sila kilala, bakakilala mo si Temyong Hudas, si Kletong P_k_, siAngel mayaman, si Mariang mahirap, si Mr. Cruz, si Kamote, si Bigote, si Senyong, si Kap Harry, si Pitoy.
Para kang si ALO.. heheh lokohan ng mga taga amin.. lalo na ng mga bata.. kumabga para kang loko or praning?? tama nga ba? Si Ador lagi sa kalsada namin noon yan.. kapag dumadating.. naku.. magsisipasok na kami ng gate.. mabait naman siya.. kausap nga lagi nina papa at nga mga kalalakihan sa amin.. KO KO KO KOTSE.. KOTSE!!!Kung taga Marikina ka, ang tawag mo sa duktor mo,Seseng, Isaac, Juan, Ading, Eloy, Mario, Sitong,Dick, Tasyon, Luming, Itoy at Erning. Kung tagaMarikina ka dapat alam ang pangalang Padre Arciaga, Father Godoy, Mons, Cruz, Fr. Ignacio at Padre Mirasol.
OO nga noh.. sila ung mga doctor noon.. ay teka.. hanggang ngayon pala.. Noong namatay nga si Lola Aning pinakilala nila sa akin si Doktora Tasyon.. Ang doctor ko kasi si Doktor Benny Pangalan ng mga padre? eh anak ng teteng.. anlapit lapit ko sa OLA hindi ko pa sila makikilala.. inabutan ko nga si Msgr Cruz na kura paroko.. sa Marikina Catholic School pa kaya ako nag aral hehehe..Taga Marikina ka, Mayor mo si BF, malinis ang lungsod mo, may River Park, may Rescue 161, walang sidewalk vendor, bawal magkalat, bawal ang hubad,bawal ang umihi at dumura. Maraming punong kahoy,maliwanag ang mga ilaw, uso ang jogging, aerobics,bowling at ballroom dancing.
Si MCF na mayor ngayon.. wala pa namang pinagbago.. same old Marikina.. malinis..maganda..Taga Marikina ka, ipinagmamalaki mo ang lahat na ito, hinahangan ang lungsod mo. Pinupuri ka.Mabuhay ang mga taga Marikina! Mabuhay angMarikeno. Ang taga Marikina laging sikat, mabait,masaya, masipag, matulungin, matalino, at higit salahat, huwag mong kalilimutan -MAYABANG!
sige na nga MAYABANG ako .. pinagmamalaki ko .. taga MARIKINA ako.
SOURCE: "River City GAZETTE" published February20, 2000 (Vol.II No. 1)Marikina City as written in the Biag ni ............

Knights of Columbus, Marikina Valley Assembly of the K of C Marikina

PAST GRAND KNIGHTS Marikina Valley Council # 6178 ,Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish San Roque, Marikina City
1969-70, SK Leonardo M. de GuzmanCharter +
1970-71, SK Melchor N. Salvador
1971-72, SK Bienvenido A. Valdez +
1972-73, SK Artemio L. Coronel
1973-74, SK Manuel L. Agustin +
1974-75, SK Gregorio C. dela Paz +
1975-76, SK Erlindo A. Villamor
1976-77, SK Rodolfo C. Serame
1977-78, SK Amado Z. Isidro
1978-79, SK Rustico C. Belmonte +
1979-80, SK Celso G.delos Angeles +
1980-81, SK Mario Z. Isidro
1981-82, SK Jaime P. Capco
1982-83, SK Marcelo Z. Fernandez +
1983-84, SK Facundo R.Santos +
1984-85, SK Romeo M. Cruz
l985-86, SK Romulo F.Reyes
1986-87, SK Brikcio S. Santos
1987-88, SK Celso C. Santos
l988-90, SK Benjamin S.Santos, Served 2 terms. +
1990-91, SK Reynaldo R.Braganza
1991-92, SK Jose D.J.Cruz
1992-93, SK Enrique P. Tolentino
1993-94, SK Conrado V. Justo
1994-95, SK Benjamin V.Ong
1995-96, SK Renato A. Pillejera
1996-97, SK Florencio B. Santos
1997-98, SK Rolando R. Mendoza
1998-99, SK Joselito M.Salud
1999-00, SK Antonio B. Fidelino
2000-01, SK Reynaldo R. Mendoza
2001-02, SK Bienvenido C. Angeles Jr.
2002-03, SK Edilberto E. Villon
2003-04, SK Raymund S. Senga
2004-05, SK Carlos C. Sarte Jr.
2005-06, SK Reynaldo S. de Guzman
2006-2007, SK Francisco Medina


1980-1981 Melanio "Mel" S. Santos
1981-1982 Fortunato Umitem
1982-1983 Engr. Rafael "Lito" F.Erfe
1983-1984 Rodrigo"Rod" B. Balana +
1984-1985 Herman S.Hernandez
1985-1986 Adriano "Adring" C. Marcelo
1986-1987 Jose "Peping" G. Pineda
1987-1988 Melanio "Mel" S.Santos
1988-1989 Eliseo "Eli" H. Lunas
1989-1990 Ernesto "Ernie" M. Ilagan
1990-1991 Cirilo "Jun" Sison
1991-1992 Rey "Rey" E. Pasion +
1992-1993 Nolan "Nolan" P.Flores
1993-1994 Eliseo "Eli" H. Lunas
1994-1995 Dr. Miguel "Mike" B. Talaue
1995-1996 Rufino "Bong" G. Viray
1996-1997 Prof. Sofronio "Toti" C. Dulay
1997-1998 Alfredo "Fred" R. Orellosa
1998-1999 Councilor Jose Fabian "Fabi" I. Cadiz, MD
1999-2000 Aurelio "Ding" C. Caparas
2000-2001 Arch. Eduardo "Bong" D. Yodico
2001-2002 Atty. Cesar "Cesar" D. Turiano
2002-2003 Faustino"Tony" G. Adamos
2003-2004 Fernando "Nanding" B. Baudillo
2004-2005 Ricaredo "Rick" C. Orbin
2005-2006 Atty.Jason Robert C. Josef
2006-2007 Eric Visenio


Anonymous said...

The Dulay Clan Educational Ranking should include other clan members who are not descendants of the 4th traditional leader but descendants of the earlier leaders of the clan like Petre, Elpidio and Doroteo. It should include former Governor Maddeiline Medoza Ong, Provincial Board Member Aris Ong, Dr. Teresita Mendoza Reyes, and so many others, for the sake of the unity of the clan.We respect the importance of having the lineage of the first born sons as the traditional leader of the clan and this blog has done a great service to trace the hereditary leadership lineage up to the present but we should be inclusive as a clan.

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