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Onward to World Government, a Study on the Evolving Concepts Related to the Formation of World Government as observed in the World Wide Web and from t

December 15, 2011

Dr. Remigio Edgardo Ocenar

Dissertation Adviser

Re: Request for a Change of Topic

After my initial encounter with my previous topic – one year, six revisions, one unsuccessful topic defense, with my previous adviser telling me to write a coffee table book instead because I am bias with Marikina – I decided not to write anymore anything about Marikina. Instead, I wish to pursue my original first love when I enrolled in the DPA program: to write a dissertation about World Government.

Attached is my initial draft proposal for your approval.

Thank you.

Respectfully your

Sofronio C. Dulay

Cell: 0917-5937333

Dissertation Topic:

Onward to World Government, a Study on the Evolving Concepts Related to the Formation of World Government as observed in the World Wide Web and from the Views of the Selected Faculty Members UP NCPAG

1. Statement of the Problems

A. There are evolving concepts related to the formation of the world government that are appearing sporadically in the World Wide Web. To name some: globalism, globalization, globalist, global government, world government, The Globalist Manifesto, new world order, one world government, formation of world government, illuminati, formation of global government, etc. These concepts appear in different books, websites, blogs and internet forum. They are however searchable through the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista. The authors or discussants of these concepts ranges from intellectuals, academicians, enthusiasts and some are even delusional. With the voluminous documents a available in the internet related to this topic (millions in fact in Google Search), there is now a need to start putting these documents in an academically familiar format such as a dissertation that can serve as one of the references that could be made available for academician who wish to pursue further studies under on any of the related topics. For instances, globalization has been widely written under business topics, yet, it can be viewed as one of the processes towards an eventual march to the formation of world government.

B. The concepts of a world government and other concepts related to it seem to be out in the cold in the academic community. One proof of this is a casual review of the library index in the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP NCPAG) does not yield any entry on world government. Some individuals, academicians specifically, may think of the topics as delusional if not outright lunatic, yet there are articles in the World Wide Web that points to a world future where there will be a world government. If this topic may be important because it might concern the future of the world, then, it could be a matter of necessity that these clusters of concepts be put in the academic map to encourage systematic, focused and thorough studies about the topic in the academic circle.

C. Based on the initial reviews in the World Wide Web, there are different scenario, some of which are conflicting, as to the future of the world with a world government. Every individual or groups advocating or opposing the formation of world government has different shades of arguments and concepts. It will be very helpful to attempt to come up with a discernable patterns and conclusions amidst these hues of concepts and pronouncements.

D. There are different groups and individuals advocating or opposing the formation of world government. They are so diverse on there ideas, approaches and leanings that there is a need to come up with a way to classify or cluster them based on political and ideological beliefs, on the use of force or diplomacy, on their context, focus and location, etc. This is necessary in deducing evolving patterns in the journey towards the formation of world government.

E. Different steps, processes, paradigms and procedures had been put forward by different groups and individual that are somewhat involve in the march towards the formation of world government. Out of this intellectual chaos, there is a need to put some semblance of an attempt to come out with a framework that may add wisdom or even further confusion to the present hiatus. Yet, the use of proven frameworks in running modern organizations is a very tempting approach in coming out with a framework in the pursuance of the formation of world government. This could contribute to the leveling off of the thinking process on both the advocates and the oppositions in the journey of the human civilization towards a future where world government will become a necessity for the survival of the human race.

2. Objectives of the Study

A. To be able to put together in an academic format the prevailing concepts related to the formation of world government. These concepts are those found prominently in the World Wide Web using the deep search method in Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista, the principle being that, if the concept is not surfacing enough in the global awareness, then, it is not within the priority of the emerging global consciousness.

B. To make an attempt to put in the formal academic map the concept and their related literature of the formation of world government. This attempt could take effect by way of writing a dissertation about it by documenting the present consciousness about it alongside with the actual take of the UP NCPAG professor about the whole gamut of concepts surrounding it.

C. To put forward some observable patterns and conclusions from the study as to the possibility or impossibility of the formation of world government.

D. To be able to propose a certain framework on how to analyze, plan and decide for the formation of world government.

3. Significance of the Study

A. To the academe, this study will provide a fresh academic sub discipline: the formation of world government and the concepts around it. This will open a new academic horizon on looking at the future of the world and the human civilization. This study could be part of traditional academic discipline like political science, international relations, public administration and even management.

B. To the public, this study will provide another lens of looking at the world future, aside from the historical and traditional way of viewing it.

C. To both the advocates and oppositions of the formation of world government, this study will provide them an academically neutral readings, analysis and framework that will connect them by way of providing a common platform that will make them understand better the issues and related concepts in the formation of world government. This will contribute to the leveling – off among advocates and oppositions alike, in the formation of world government that eventually might matter in the future when the world government might become a necessary option for the survival of the human race.

D. To the world leaders and opinion makers, this study will provide them with frameworked concepts, ideas and postulations that might help them understand in a certain lens the future of the world and its inhabitants.

4. Framework of the Study: Classical Decision Making Approach

Stages in Decision Making

Formation of the World Government

1. Identifying and Diagnosing the problems

Key Concepts:

Advocates: Groups and Individuals

Oppositions: Groups and Individuals

Emerging Patterns

2. Generating Alternative Solutions

Status Quo: the present system

Formation of world government through:

- diplomacy

- by force

- by religious persuasion

3. Setting the Criteria in Evaluating the Alternative Solutions

Criteria for global cooperation:

UN Vision

Green Peace

The Globalist Manifesto

Red Cross Vision

4. Evaluating Alternatives

Alternative | Criteria Matrix

5. Making the Choice

Selecting the best Alternative that satisfies the criteria

6. Implementing the Decision

An Implementation Plan for the formation of World government

7. Evaluating the Decision

Probable setbacks and conclusions

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2nd Letter of Prof Dulay to GMP Core Group

Steve, Suzanne,Todd, Renato and Felix;

How are you. Its been a while.Suzanne and I had been communicating often. Let us congratulate Steve. His book is starting to get noticed. In fact, with Steve's permission, I will have it as one of my reference materials in my doctoral dissertation. I am taking doctorate in public administration right now at the University of the Philippines. My professors seem to like the idea that my dissertation will be about "formation of a global government' and "The Globalist Manifesto".This will be a great opportunity for me to really study, in an academic discipline, our Core Group's advocacy. Our Core Group will really become the worldwide authority in the topic of "formation of a global government" with this dissertation plus your other writings and efforts.

I could see that all of us are progressing individually. We want to hear regular updates from each other. If you want, I created a joint blog for all of us. It is found in:

You can write comments on your own portion of this blog, as a way of your update. You can write comments on the others portion also. You can comment anonymously too.

By the way, this blog belongs to all of us, as the core group of the party.

This blog has been making waves in the Internet search engines. In google alone, this blog is #6 among 3.2 million entries in the topic of "formation of a global government"; #17 among 19,100,000 entries in the topic "formation of a world government", and #8 in the topic "globalist manifesto" among 40,400 entries.

So, our party is really that popular now. If we sustain this for the next ten years, we will all be recognized someday as the founding fathers of the global government. Steve, somebody emailed me suggesting that we join a certain coalition of global government advocates. Are you aware of such a group?

Anyway, please reply with this letter by way of writing comments to your portion of the blog. Thanks.

Please extend my regards to your family.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Yahoo Picked The Globalist Manifesto as the Best Answer for World Government Questions

A semi - candid shot of Prof Toti Dulay and his Family one lazy morning. Dulay is the author of the Yahoo - selected best answer about the world government. He is the Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus in Concepcion , 2nd congressional district of Marikina City. At the back is the miraculous Nuestra Senora De Los Desamparados, the Patroness of Marikina Valley. The image was recently honored by the Pope through canonical coronation, a rare honor given to miraculous images worldwide. It was the first canonical coronation done by Pope Benedict after his assumption.The image was brought to the house of the Dulay Family, showered with daily novenas by the family and clan members, before it was re - enthroned to the soon - to - be Cathedral, the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. It was the first time in history that the image was brought out of the Church. Before the image left the Dulay Ancestral House, a mass was held at the compound, presided by Monsignor Mariano Balbago. The family served dinner to the mass attendees. A private dinner - meeting among MetroManila Development Authority Chair and Presidential Cabinet member Bayani Fernando, Rep. Marcy Teodoro, Mayor Marides Fernando, Prof Dulay and Monsignor Balbago was also held right at the Dulay family dining table. It was at that dinner that the move to make the Church a Cathedral was discussed. Chairman Fernando suggested to make the Church fully air conditioned, being an engineer, he knows. He also recalled his younger days when he was a "sacristan" (altar boy) of that Church. Bayani Fernando will be a good president of the Philippines someday, with the help of the miraculous Patroness of Marikina Valley.

Yahoo Question:

Why are most people opposed to a "world government"? From what I gather, most people oppose it. Yet, it would encourage trade, create synergies, do away with redundancies such as diplomatic representations, multiple governments, etc., let alone war and the need for a military.So - what gives?

Additional Details:

Plus, communication and logistics (which limited ancient empires) are no longer an issue.Plus, most serious problems are international, not national. They require international solutions.
4 days ago Jun 18, 2007 at 3:32 am -->- 29 answers -

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Answer authored by Prof. Dulay:

This question is timely because this will give clarity to the "resistance" on the "formation of a global government".There are different reasons why some people or groups are opposed to the formation of a world government, namely:

1. The ultra nationalist Americans think that the global government might start the end of pax Americana. On the contrary, the global government, might actually perpetuate it because, if we subscribe to the vision of The Globalist Manifesto, a global government will prevent the next world war. If the next world war will be prevented, then, the ranking of world power will remain the same and therefore, the USA will remain to be the only world power... hence, pax Americana will continue even if we have a world government.

2. Countries with small population are opposed to the formation of a global government because, again, based on The Globalist Manifesto's "one person - one vote" principle, they will be overwhelmed by highly populated countries like India, China and Indonesia. What these small countries do not realize is that they will actually be represented in the global congress and their representatives can even become global president and cabinet members. Also, they do not realized that a strong two party system from village level to the global level as envisioned in The Globalist Manifesto, will actually prevent China, India and Indonesia, and any country for that matter, to vote solidly as one people because in a two party system, there are always contending opposite party and a third force on non aligned voters.

3. Some people are afraid of the NWO or conspirators whom they think are pulling the strings from behind in this formation of a global government crusade. Actually, these NWO or conspirator stuff could actually be a myth perpetuated by those who will benefit if they are able to project that they are strong. In reality, the global government, according to The Globalist Manifesto is so big to be manipulated by an individual or a cabal. It is just like the "Russian winter that defeated the human German Army". Life is so short to manipulate such a big global upheaval. In fact, on the contrary, the initial problem of a global government is how to put the 190 something countries together peacefully and the world might be very lucky to muster a strong united political party or group that can put the global government intact, specially on its initial years.

4. Some ultra religious people thinks that the formation of a global government will give way to the emergence of Satanists or Anti Christ ruling the world.The threat is real. But in reality, how can an Anti Christ or a Satanist for instance win the vote of the Christians in a one person, one vote global election as envisioned in The Globalist Manifesto. Also, Muslims, according to their Koran, can never be Anti Christ because they also respect Jesus Christ... in other word, its very un - Koran to fight Christ. The Globalist Manifesto Party was organized to make sure that a Satanists or Anti Christ will find it hard to be prominent in a global political scene, its one of their organizational objectives. And, there are lots of others who will be willing to fight the Satanists or Anti Christ as a group or individuals.

5. Lastly, some anti Jews think that the formation of a global government is a ploy of the Jews. This is not accurate. The crusade for the formation of global government started long time ago. Even the leaders of The Globalist Manifesto crusade which is the leading websites today in Yahoo and Alta Vista Search in the topic of formation of a global government over around 7 million website entries, do not even consider "Jewishness" as their consideration. Most of them are devoted Roman Catholics.


Asker's Rating:

Thanks everyone. These were some GREAT answers. Took me a while to decide. I think this is the best one.I think I understand the concerns much better. Yet, it will be inevitable. Good luck!

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Ceferino and Diosdado were contemporaries. Ceferino is known today as the 4th generation leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina, while Diosdado became the president of the Philippines. Both were descendants of Lakan Dula, the pre – Hispanic King of Manila, based in Tondo, Manila. Of the two, Ceferino is younger. When Diosdado ran for president, Ceferino moved around the known settlements of Lakan Dula descendants. He spent time with then Mayor Eleuterio Dulay, of Laoang, Northern Samar to make sure that Diosdado will win in Samar Island. When Diosdado won, he placed Ceferino in a job in Manila City Hall, near his home in Tondo.

Several years later, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, daughter of Diosdado is leading the EDSA Dos against President Erap Estrada. Sofronio, eldest son of Ceferino and the 5th generation leader of Dulay Clan of Marikina, resigned as the leader of Estrada’s PMP Chairman’s Forum and helped in the efforts of Gloria in EDSA Dos. While the struggle is going on in EDSA, Yoko Ramos, a private secretary of Gloria called on Sofronio telling him that Gloria will visit the ancestral house of the Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley and they will talk about some plans. The Dulay Clan of Marikina, while fighting in EDSA Dos, eagerly waited for the talk of their clan leader and Gloria. The fight was won, Gloria was sworn in as President of the Philippine Islands but she never visited the Dulay Ancestral House up to now. Buti pa nga si MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, Congressman Marcy Teodoro, Monsignor Mariano Balbago, PMA Alumni Butch Cabanban, PMA class baron Ace Esmeralda, Br. Blas Dula Lagrimas of Recoletos School of Theology, Manny Alvarez, Bob Servino, Mayor Marides Fernando, PSupt Fortunato Guerrero, Kag. Manolo Estanisalo,Vice Mayor Marion Andres, realtor Demy Posadas, PNOC -EC Director Ralph Mangubat, Kap. Apin de Guzman,Ignatius Anagbogu at marami pang iba, eh nakapag dinner na sa ancestral house ng angkan.

Gloria, the president and Sofronio, a clan leader met several times in Malacanan Palace on different occasions, but Sofronio did not bother Gloria anymore about that supposed to be visit of Gloria to the Dulay Clan of Marikina. Sofronio did not even introduce himself nor ask personally for any favor from Gloria, Gloria did not offer Sofronio anything in relation to his role in EDSA Dos. Yoko Ramos resigned from the palace. Gloria is different from Diosdado..

Gloria is about to finished her term as Philippine president. Sofronio, a long time management professor of the Far Eastern University near Tondo, finished his Master in Development Management in the Asian Institute of Management and had been elected as one of the Board of Directors of the Asian Institute of Management Alumni Association. He is pursuing a doctorate in Public Administration in the University of the Philippines. He had been offered consultancy stint by Marikina City Mayor Marides Fernando, Marikina Congressman Marcy Teodoro and Northern Samar Congressman Emil Ong.

The Macapagal Clan of Pampanga and the Dulay Clan of Marikina, although both sharing common Lakan Dula heritage, has a history of “warm and cold interactions” among their leaders and descendants. Gloria Arroyo is not in control or not aware of what is happening within the clans of the descendants of Lakan Dula. Some clans are even questioning if the Macapagals are really descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo.

The Dulay Clan of Marikina, amidst prosperity, influence and educational progress wishes to stay in the old tradition of chivalry. Sofronio I is grooming his legal heir, Sofronio ll as the 6th generation and future leader of the clan. Sofronio ll is an honor student of an exclusive boy school, a sacristan and a rugged basketball player in the barangay leagues in Marikina Heights and San Roque. Sofronio l told his son: “Someday, if ever there will be a chance for the Macapagal clan to help the Dulay clan in a reverse role, be as gentleman as Diosdado.”

This morning, Jun Salvador visited the leader of the Dulay Clan of Marikina and told him that a group of a descendant of Philippine hero Dr. Pio Valenzuela would like to meet him. The consolidation of the Lakan Dula descendants goes on as usual.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marikina Message Board

Can Marikina become a world - class city???

Marikina started as a settlement of the descendants of Lakan Dula who wants to escape the Spanish prosecution, according to local historian Servando de los Angeles.One of the descendants of Lakan Dula, the pre - hispanic King of Manila based in Tondo, Manila is Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo whose husband's family used to own the whole Marikina as their family hacienda.Today, Marikina is becoming a melting pot of Filipinos from different regions of the country such that the present mayor, Marides Carlos Fernando traces its roots from Bulacan. The topnotcher councilors are of Bicolano, Ilocano and Pampango ancestry.City hall managers and consultants traces its roots from different regions of the country. Rehiyon- Rehiyon Annual Festival celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of Marikina today. The city has been garnering many awards from World Bank, Asian Institute of Management, etc because of its numerous achievements. It is the shoe making capital of the Philippines, the home of the biggest shoes on earth. Its patroness is Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados, which is very miraculous. Its majestic Roman Catholic Church is now being groomed to become a Cathedral. It is the home of four out of 24 Philippine Senators: Gringo Honasan, Nene Pimentel, Edgrado Angara, Dick Gordon; and two aspirants - Koko Pimentel and Mike Defensor.It is also the hometown of the Armed forces of the Philippines Chief Generoso Senga, Philippine Communist Party Chief Benito Tiamson and Metro Manila Development Authority chief Bayani Fernando. It is a participant of the globalist manifesto worldwide advocacy which is carried in the leading websites in Yahoo and Alta Vista search engines in the stand - alone topic of "formation of a global government" over around 6 million website entries for several years now.Can Marikina City continue to become a truly cosmopolitan city ready to play important role in the national and global affair?
Yes, I think Marikina is already a world class city, based on the international awards that it has been winning since the reign of the Fernandos.
The Marikina News, will continue to document the progress of Marikina, this time through the worldwide web.
This will include the changes in the political and cultural orientation of Marikenos.

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Dulay Clan of Marikina Valley

The clan is presently on its sixth generation of uninterrupted "reign of the first born sons" starting from Petre Dulay, the eldest son of the founding generation.The eldest son of Petre is Doroteo, the eldest son of Doroteo is Elpidio, the eldest son of Elpidio is Ceferino, the eldest son of Ceferino is Sofronio I, the eldest son of Sofronio I is Sofronio II.The reign of the generation of Petre,Doroteo and Elpidio were based in Candawid near the lighthouse in the Pacific islands of Batag, Laoang, Northern Samar.The reign of the later generations of eldest sons - Ceferino, Sofronio I and Sofronio II left Tondo and led a settlement of the clan in the fertile valley of Marikina.The ancestral house of the clan is an imposing old hispanic house near the church of Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados in the poblacion of Marikina, the church where Ceferino was buried and where the young Sofronio II is now serving as a sacristan.

Dulay Clan of Marikina Educational Ranking 2006

Only the direct the descendants of the 4th Dulay Clan hereditary leader Ceferino Rivas Dulay who reached at least first year in college is eligible for listing in this educational ranking. The legal wives/husbands of the direct descendants are also eligible for listing. This list will be updated every birthday of the clan matriarch Juana Mendoza Cerbito vd de Dulay. Updates or corrections should be addressed to: JOSEPH D. QUILES Acting Executive Director, Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc. #3 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City,Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel.# 645-8424; Cell # 0918-5865344 Email Address:; . For more information about Marikina: see Marikina News


1st. Joseph Dulay Quiles (Celedonia Lineage), 1. Doctor of Education (candidate), National Teachers College 2. Master of Educational Management, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology; 3. B.S. in Industrial Education, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

2nd. Sofronio Cerbito Dulay (Ceferino Lineage), 1. Doctor of Public Administration (candidate), University of the Philippines 2.Master in Development Management, Asian Institute of Management; 3. Master in Business Administration,(54 units), De La Salle University; 4. Bachelor of Arts, University of the Philippines; 5. Diploma in Advanced Military Science, University of the Philippines;

3rd. Arlene Uy Corral (Ceferino Lineage), 1. Master of Public Administration, University of the Philippines 2. A.B. Economics, University of the Philippines;

4th. Lorito Dulay Cinco (Crisanta Lineage), 1. Master of Education,(9 units), Roosevelt College 2. B.S. in Education, Roosevelt College;

5th. Mariano Cerbito Dulay (Ceferino Lineage), 1. BSBA Accounting, Polytechnic University of the Philippines; 2. Powerpack 1.7, STI; 3. Basic Micro Word/ Excel, Informatics;

6th. Anthony Dulay Quiles,Jr.(Celedonia Lineage), BS Industrial Engineering; Technological Institute of the Philippines;

7th. Araceli Fontanilla Quiles (Celedonia Lineage), BS Industrial Engineering; Technological Institute of the Philippines;

8th. Abigael Salazar Guardiano (Celedonia Lineage), BS Psychology; New Era College

9th.Nelia Gullab Quiles(Ceferino Lineage), B.S. in Industrial Education, Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

10th. Florentino Dulay Guardiano (Asuncion Lineage), 1.U.S.Navy Basic Training Course, San Diego, California; 2. BS Architecture (3rd year), Far Eastern University;

11th. Ambrocio Cerbito Dulay (Ceferino Lineage), 1.Police Officer 1, Civil Service Eligible; 2. BSBA Management,(3rd year), Polytechnic University of the Philippines;

12th. Michael Borromeo Dulay (Ambrocio Lineage), Diploma in Automotive echnology,Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

13th. Cristina Quiles Lagunsad(Celedonia Lineage), Diploma in Business Secretarial, Roosevelt College;

14th. Vilma Alvarez Cinco(Crisanta Lineage), Diploma in Business Secretarial, Roosevelt College;

15th. Mia Jalandoni Nila Cinco (Crisanta Lineage), Diploma in Computer Secretarial, Datamex Institute of Computer Technology (Caloocan Branch)

16th. Arlene Corral Dulay 11 (Sofronio Lineage), BSBA Accounting, (2nd Year),University of Sto.Tomas;

17th. Regin Lana(Alfreda Lineage), BS Industrial Education,(2nd Year), Marikina Polytechnic College;

18th. Rebecca Dulay Lana (Alfreda Lineage), BS in Education, (2nd Year), Maranatha College;

19th. Lenie Guardiano Mirren (Asuncion Lineage), BS Banking and Finance, (2nd year), New Era College;

20th Nelia Gemao Serrano (Erlinda Lineage), BS Office Management, (2nd year), Baguio Colleges;

21st Nestor Dulay Gemao (Erlinda Lineage), Computer Technology, (2nd year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

22nd. Bertilito Cinco (Crisanta Lineage), BS Sports Science (1st Year), University of Sto Tomas;

23rd. Marvin Quiles Dulay(Ambrocio Lineage), BS Education (1st Year), University of the East;

24th. John Paul Quiles(Celedonia Lineage), BS Education (1st Year), Polytechnic University of the Philippines;

25th. Troadio Dulay Cinco, Jr. (Crisanta Lineage), Industrial Technolgy, (1st year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

26th. Michelle Borromeo Dulay (Ambrocio Lineage), Computer Technology, (1st year), Marikina Institute of Science and Technology;

27th. Marian Dulay Cinco (Crisanta Lineage), BS Nursing, (1st Year);

28th. Wilson Cerbito Dulay (Ceferino Lineage), Diploma in Business Secretarial, (Ist Year), Roosevelt College;

29th. Alfredo Dulay Lana (Alfreda Lineage), Fourth Year High School, Marikina Heights High School

30th. Shiela Marie Gemao Serrano (Erlinda Lineage), fourth Year high School, Marikina Heights High School

31st. Christopher Quiles Brown (Celedonia Lineage), California USA - unaccounted
Geneology of the Eldest Sons: the succession of the leaders of the clan
1st Generation Leader : Petre Dulay
2nd Generation Leader : Doroteo Dulay
3rd Generation Leader : Elpidio Dulay
4th Generation Leader : Ceferino Dulay
5th Generation Leader : Sofronio Dulay l
6th Generation Leader : Sofronio Dulay ll
Children of 4th Generation Leader Ceferino Dulay constitute the reigning family of the Dulay Clan
Sofronio Dulay l , eldest son and 5th generation leader
Ambrocio Dulay
Mariano Dulay
Wilson Dulay
Crisanto Dulay Cinco
Erlinda Dulay Gemao
Celedonia Dulay Quiles
Alfreda Dulay Lana
Asuncion Dulay Guardiano
1. Children of 5th Generation Leader Sofronio Dulay l
Sofronio Dulay ll, eldest son and 6th generation leader
Arlene Dulay ll
Katreena Marie Dulay
2. Children of Ambrocio Dulay
Michael Dulay
Marvin Dulay
Mechelle Dulay Arandia
Monique Dulay
3. Children of Mariano Dulay
Katrina Dulay
4. Children of Wilson Dulay
None yet
5. Children of Crisanta Dulay Cinco
Renato Cinco
Lorito Cinco
Joel Cinco
Troadio Cinco, Jr.
Bertilito Cinco
Marife Cinco
Marian Cinco
6. Children of Erlinda Dulay Gemao
Ronald Gemao
Rommel Gemao
Nestor Gemao
Nelia Genao
7. Children of Celedonia Dulay Quiles
Joseph Quiles
Christopher Quiles Brown
Anthony Quiles, Jr.
John Paul Quiles
Cristina Quiles Lagunsad
Antonette Quiles
8. Children of Alfreda Dulay Lana
Arnold Lana
Regine Lana
Alfredo Lana
Rebecca Lana
9. Children of Asuncion Dulay Guardiano
Florentino Guardiano
Ricardo Guardiano
Lenie Merren

Friday, May 4, 2007

Who is a Globalist?

Note: This landmark article is considered by the Globalist Manifesto Party to be very important because this article was able to lay down the profiles of our million of party sympathizers/members worldwide. It can be said now that the members of the GM Party are the emerging special kind of homo sapiens whose concern goes beyond hooliganistic and personal agenda but of conserving the earth and its life form in a peaceful and prosperous coexistence of human race regardless of creed and color. They will be the magnet that will bind together the future of human civilization.The momentum has been gaining, with the help of Yahoo, Google and Alta Vista. A representaion to a UN agency has been initiated. Contacts with the Vatican had been started. Who will be the first nation to endorse the formation of a world government? Who will be the de facto world leaders who will give a human face for this crusade? The next 10 years will be very crucial.

By Stephan Richter

Words go in and out of style every day. Some words, however, continue to evoke concepts that are crucial to humanity's understanding of itself — and its changing circumstances. Such words can become an important part of our vocabulary for centuries. The Globalist believes it has found such a word. In fact, we have made this word — "globalist" — the name for our own endeavors. But just what is a "globalist"?

Definitions can be a straitjacket. Think for a moment about words that define a particular world view or task — words such as "environmentalist," "capitalist" or "economist." Such words often limit, oversimplify or create false impressions.

Everyone is a "globalist"

For us, the term "globalist" proves to be an exception. It is a word that tends toward inclusion, rather than exclusion. In fact, anyone with a curiosity to learn about the world around them — and an ability to keep an open mind and an interest in sorting out the changes being wrought every day — can consider himself or herself a "globalist."

Anyone with a curiosity about the world around them can call themselves a "globalist."

Words with a similar root can often cause confusion. For instance, globalists are by no means an elite circle of business or political leaders determined to push forward the globalization agenda in a rapid-fire fashion. As far as we can tell, those folks are much more appropriately called "globalizers." (See "Globalism Vs. Globalization" by Joseph Nye.)

By contrast, globalists have a strong interest in understanding more about the modern global economy, politics and culture. A globalist is dedicated to figuring out how the world hangs together. That includes sorting out the dynamic political and social changes associated with globalization — and questions them rigorously when necessary.
That is why our editorial focus is on presenting the many intriguing story lines of the global and political economy. At our core, we are dedicated to examining the premises and fallacies of conventional wisdom about the global landscape — with one new feature every day.

A globalist mosaic

In doing so, we are not trying to give any definite answers. Rather, we lay out before you the results of the questions that intrigue us. Ultimately, we are putting together a mosaic — feature article by feature article — and all in an effort to compose a broader picture.
Globalists want to ensure that the fruits of globalization are spread throughout the world fairly and equitably.
Globalists comprehend that the cooperation of many individuals, institutions and corporations is needed to ensure that the potential fruits of globalization are spread throughout the world fairly and equitably. Globalists are committed to muting or eliminating globalization's negative effects.
Thus, globalists believe that solid arguments — and not narrow-mindedness and demagoguery — are needed to bring all parties to a better understanding of their own role and responsibilities. In that vein, globalists place the highest values upon exploration and open-mindedness.

Searching for meaning

In fact, many globalists have not formed strong opinions one way or the other — either about the global economy, society, politics and culture, or about globalization itself. Some are neither strongly for globalization — nor against it. Others may be staunch globalizers, or foes of globalization.
What unites globalists is their interest in the process of constant discovery, learning, openmindedness and exploration on a global scale. It is a daunting task and requires both listening — and contributing — to the dialogue about the ongoing process of global integration.
What unites globalists is their interest in the process of constant discovery, learning, openmindedness and exploration.
One thing that globalists do agree on is the importance of a keen awareness about the process of globalization. Of course, we recognize that this integration has been going on for hundreds of years.
At different stages, varying nations have been in the lead a as a result of their specific courses of actions. By the same token, the dynamic integration of the global economy does not — and cannot — predominantly serve the interests of any one nation, no matter how powerful.
Members of the global community — and economy
Ideally, we are all globalists, as members of the human community and the global economy, living on the planet earth. As the economy evolves, so too should the debate about it and the many changes brought about by globalization.
Globalists watch closely as these changes occur — and take part in the debate. They make their contributions and insights heard. Thus, true globalists will have a direct impact on the process of globalization — and give the crucial debate about it a truer form and shape.

Advancing global openness

Another thing on which globalists tend to agree is that globalization, for all its faults, tends to advance — rather than retard — the agenda of global openness.
After all, due to the power of the media — and thanks to their technology-enhanced democratization — globalization's failures are exposed ever more quickly and powerfully. This painful spotlight gives the perpetrators a strong incentive to correct their actions.
In the dialogue on globalization, many of the world's traditional media, governments, corporations or think tanks are keen to advance only their nation's set of interests.
As the constructive globalists that we are, the editorial team at The Globalist is not beholden to any particular national identity or interest. We tell stories, draw comparisons, analyze the arguments of all sides in the globalization debate — and we strive to do so clearly and cogently.
That is where we differ from many of the world's traditional media, governments, corporations, think tanks or universities. They often limit their scope of analysis and interpretation in a crucial manner — by persistently advancing their nation's set of interests in the dialogue on globalization.
Viewing the sweeping changes in the global economy and politics through the static prism of any nation often leads to misunderstanding — or outright fallacy.